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After receiving the final confirmation of participation in Encuentro Milonguero Moscow'22 and St.Petersburg in Close Embrace'22, foreign citizens are needed to apply for visa support, which includes an entry permit (admission to the country – Russia) for foreigners and a tourist voucher, which is registered with (incorporated by) the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Entry visa to Russia can be issued through the Russian Consulate in your country (the most inexpensive way, by appointment for an interview), through the Visa Center of the Russian Federation (insurance and invoicing is more expensive than dealing with these issues on your own) and through travel agencies (it's expensive, but all will have done without you).
Visa Application

To obtain visa through the Embassy (Consulate) of Russia or through the visa application center of the Russian Federation, you need following documents:

1) Original valid passport, the validity of which ends no earlier than 6 months after the trip to the Russian Federation
2) Invitation letter (visa support)
3) A health insurance policy
4) Proof of payment of the consular fee.

To enter Russia, it is necessary for foreign tourists to have a medical document (in Russian or English) confirming the negative result of a laboratory examination of the material on COVID-19 by PCR, selected no earlier than 48 hours before arrival.

In addition, before arriving in the territory of Russia, it is necessary to fill out the Application form for those who are on flights to the Russian Federation for border crossing.

You do not need a document with a QR code to enter Russia.

However, in each region of Russia, additional rules may apply on the presentation of documents with a QR code issued through the unified portal of public services of Russia when staying in hotels and/or visiting restaurants/mass events/ cultural institutions.

Current requirements for each region can be found at the link
В какие регионы России можно поехать? | RUSSIA.TRAVEL

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